We partner with the Darebin City Council, community groups and sports associations to provide a variety of services for people of all ages.

The Darebin Council’s vision for DCSS is to be a place where diversity and creativity exist and are valued; a place that is healthy, safe and sustainable; a place of vitality where people enjoy their chosen life and a place of community pride.

At the Darebin Community Sport Stadium, we aim to provide the best in community care and services.

The YMCA has enjoyed a successful partnership with the City of Darebin, managing the Darebin Community sport Stadium on their behalf for well over a decade.

As a YMCA community centre, we understand the needs of our members and visitors, and we work together with a number of other community, sports and government bodies to offer opportunities for all our participants.

Through partnerships and affiliations, we provide a wide range of services –– that everyone can benefit from.

 For more information relating to the City of Darebin, community events and redevelopment updates visit the Darebin Council website.