Hot Shots tennis for kids

DCCC Tennis holiday program

Hot Shots Tennis is Tennis Australia’s official starter program and is designed to let children develop technically and tactically in an environment that is always fun and exciting.

Aimed at children aged 3-12 years old, it uses modified courts, racquets and balls to keep things fun and easy. The Junior Tennis Coaching Program is based on a “learning through play” philosophy where children serve, rally and score. At the YMCA our experienced coaching team will run a tailored program designed to develop each child’s game in a fun, encouraging and social environment.

Tennis Hot Shots is split into four stages;

Hot Shots Red (5 to 7 years): 60 minute classes, 6:1 Player to Coach Ratio

Hot Shots Orange (8 to 10 years): 60 minute classes, 6:1 Player to Coach Ratio

Hot Shots Green (11 to 12 years): 60 minute classes, 6:1 Player to Coach Ratio

Our Hot Shots Group Lessons cater to all students from beginner to intermediate player standards aged 3 to 12 years old. In these lessons students use low-compression balls and a modified court to begin to explore the fundamental and perceptual motor skills used in tennis. As the children progress and start to enjoy learning tennis skills, emphasis moves to learning to score and playing the game of tennis.

Players aged 12 years and above will have the option of joining Junior Group Tennis Lessonsor Squad LessonsPrivate Lessons are also available to Hot Shots players of all ages for those wishing to fast track their development.

For more information on all of the tennis coaching programs on offer at the Darebin Community Sports Stadium please contact us on (03) 9471 4935 or fill in the below form.

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